I guess…

I guess….

I guess it is time for me to take part in this world
filled with things in which could mean something
or events in which could cause another. Knowing or testing the unknown I could only fathom want things can hold.

I guess I can take that course of action
in which someday, I can become something more
only to question myself what steps to take.
Guessing soon becomes tiresome, often making me not take the steps to progress. There is no time for guessing. I prefer to do something more than that.

I want to know, and know what I can do to make the changes, giving myself the chance to be something more than just someone that guesses. To know is something that brings joy, anger, sadness, experience and through them there is no sense of guessing, but knowing.

So no longer, would I want to guess, and no longer would I be stagnant. Knowing is doing, and doing is moving, from which is the very step of becoming. It is better to know than to guess. Live on.